Had to defend punch and choke

Krav Maga practitioner from Krav Maga Academy Oslo (Oslo Fight Center) had to defend punch and choke last week. Black eye
Hi, everyone. I wish to share with you my experience regarding your Krav Maga training and how it might actually save you from a bad situation in real life.
Tuesday, one week ago (March 2nd 2016) I was on my way home in the evening through the back allie where I live in Grønland, Oslo. I should say, this is a place where buying and selling of most drugs happen in the city. People of all ages, sizes and not least "all conditions" fluctuate here. Typically this hasn't been a problem, but on this day things took a turn in another direction. 
Normally there are 3-4 guys in the same spot around the clock selling to whomever wants something. They mostly stick to their corner and bother very few. However one of them decided to talk and approach me while I was walking, but due to music in my ears I didn't get what he is saying. I seen him talking to me but I choose to keep walking while removing my earplugs to hear if he would keep following me. He reached the right side of me and asks why I don't want to buy when I choose to be in the area.
I see both in his gaze and posture that this time he has probably consumed a bit too much of what he was selling.
I don't remember clearly what happened but he yelled something to me as he punched me in the face and I lost my balance backwards. It happens so incredibly fast that I cannot really comprehend what was happening before I felt the impact of the punch. Within what feels like less than a second, he grabs my throat, first with one hand, then the other hand slightly higher under my jaw. I feelt that one of his thumbs was squeezing the middle of my throat as he is trying to push me backwards.
My first reaction was panic regarding what was happening and me falling backwards. The only thing I managed to do was to grab his hand while I kicked and kicked forward. He was at a distance where the only possibility was kicking forward. 
I hit him hard a couple of times in his groin and I was able to remove the hand squeezing my throat hardest. I hit him fairly well the last time because he let go and bent forward and down.
I was afraid he would continue going for my throat so I hit him with my elbow in the back head/neck region before I ran away to the block where I live.
Panic stayed a little while but when my mind calmed down and I ran through the situation again I thought "How did this turn out as well as it actually did?"
I can honestly say that it didn't look at all like anything from a movie or from training either. Nothing looked or felt controlled. There were no Van Damme punches or high kicks. The first and the only reaction was to kick as much and as hard I could until I had the opportunity to get away.
Now I understand why I train and what it can mean to me in the real world - the strength and opportunity to get out of a situation that could have ended with much worse way than with a black eye.

- Written by Victoria, ready for her first Krav Maga-testing J



Photo: Krav Maga training, same problem as mentioned in the article.